Product Overview

Now offering Free Custom Design and Patent Consultations with non-disclosure guarantee (NDA) for CAD prototyping, CNC, 3D Printing in many materials and quantities. Please call or email for wholesale pricing or educational discounts on the products listed below.

Tone Adjusters:

Our new version of the violin and viola Saddle Rider Tone Adjuster is made from high-strength, ultralight, aircraft aluminum, with an extremely tough satin black anodized finish. The assembly allows the downward force of an instrument’s strings on the bridge to be varied, changing the tone and playing response of the instrument in the same way as putting on a higher or lower bridge, but without changing the “action” (i.e. string height under the fingers.) The kit comes bundled with a Kevlar tailgut, Allen wrench adjusting tool, and jeweler’s installation screwdriver, as well as a one-side-fits-all black nylon endplug that can be reused and easily cut to size for any violin or viola. The simple installation procedure requires no special tools or skills (although, in most cases, we do recommend that a luthier does the installation.) MSRP: $95.

Our cello and bass “Saddle Rider Endpin Mount” (cello model shown above) MSRP as follows: 10 mm Cello Endpin Mount Assembly $120. Add $40 for an optional carbon fiber endpin, $50 for a steel endpin, or $70 for a titanium endpin. Mount includes a Kevlar tailgut. Double Bass Mount: MSRP: $140, optional endpin prices for double bass are the same as the cello prices listed above. The standard cello mount is 25.75 mm at the base of the plug, standard bass mount is 31 mm. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Our Tone Adjusting Wolf Note Suppressor offers a special stainless steel blend that we feel has a more ringing and even tone quality than other brands, which are typically made of brass. It’s remarkable how these little button-style “wolf eliminators” can adjust an cello’s tone for the better, even if the instrument doesn’t have a wolf! They are easily moved and secured in different locations (for different tone colors, and to moderate wolf notes on different pitches) by reaching down with one hand during a concert or practice session. (MSRP $16)

We have also recently received a provisional patent for an updated design, so check back soon to see next year’s models! They will be offered in kits with multiple weight settings and balance points to pinpoint the ideal resonating frequencies for each instrument. We will continue to offer our less expensive basic 5 gram model while supplies last.

Saddle Rider brand one-size-fits-all endpin mounts require no reaming! These are great for over-reamed instruments to avoid the need to re-mortise. They are also easy to install by players with basic sawing skills who don’t have access to a professional luthier. The ultralight plug material is very durable and won’t crack, but is easily cut to size with a fine-toothed hacksaw.

Endpin Tips and Tip Covers:

This threaded cello endpin tip and non-slip rubber ball combo package (MSRP $28 for the ball and tip combo, ball or tip separately for MSRP $16 each) dispenses with the need for a rockstop! Our carefully mixed rubber compound is the only material we’ve found that really grips well at angles used by cellists. Our threaded steel tip also fits standard New Harmony brand cello rubber endpin tip covers. Check out our easy instructions for fitting standard 10 mm rods, tubes, and dowels into these tips — each rod material sounds different, in some cases as different as switching bows!

Our unthreaded cello 10 mm endpin tip (MSRP $16) fits most generic endpin caps. Pictured here with an optional generic cap from Howard Core.

Our 10 mm double bass tips are the same as our cello tips, but have a somewhat deeper sleeve. This threaded 10 mm bass tip combo package (MSRP $28 for the ball and tip combo, ball or tip separately for MSRP $16) offers a great way to rejuvenate old indexed 10 mm bass endpins. The Saddle Rider brand tip and ball in this combo package are compatible with M10 threaded tips and balls by New Harmony Music and Upton Bass.

This half inch bass tip combo package (MSRP $28 for the ball and tip combo, ball or tip separately for MSRP $16) is the same as above, but with a half inch tip. All of our endpin tip holes are oversized by approximately 1/1000th of an inch to allow for minor manufacturing variations by rod, tube, and dowel manufacturers. Our half-inch tips are popular among players who enjoy the resonance of wooden dowel endpins (Upton Bass recommends 8″ as the maximum recommended length for .5 inch wooden bass endpins), as well as carbon fiber and a variety of other materials. Metal tubes with resonance holes drilled in them are also becoming popular, and the half-inch diameter becoming an industry standard among double bass endpin manufacturers. We also offer custom made .5 inch cello endpin mounts for cellists who want to use half-inch diameter endpins made of wood or alternative materials. (10 mm is currently the “cello standard,” with lots of older instruments still using the more flexible 8 mm endpins — for wooden endpins, we recommend a minimum of half-inch diameter.)

Our non-slip threaded rubber ball (MSRP $16 for the threaded ball, $9 for the unthreaded rubber ball without the threaded insert) fits all M10 threaded endpins, and can also be purchased separately with or without the Delrin threaded insert. The hole in the unthreaded ball is just under 5/8ths of an inch in diameter. It offers a secure unglued fit on 3/4 and 11/16th inch dowels and rods, or a secure glued fit on 5/8 inch rods.

We also offer the hard polymer M10 threaded endpin cap insert (MSRP $8) as a separate item for players who prefer crutch tips. These fit all standard .75 inch crutch and furniture tips (shown here with McMaster-Carr brand caps.) and are compatible with standard M10 threaded bass endpin tips by Saddle Rider, New Harmony, Upton Bass, as well as other manufacturers.

For our customers’ convenience, we stock a variety of alternative rubber endpin cap options that fit our cello and bass endpin tips (call or email for prices), and also provide contact information for other suppliers in the “all about endpins” section on our website. Of course, we highly recommend that you check out our signature non-slip rubber ball rockstop replacement tips first!

Saddle Rider Music LLC also custom manufacturers endpin rods, tips, and mounts at reasonable rates, including prototypes or mass-production items with competitive lead times. Email for quotes or more information.

Kevlar stranded core, braided shell tailgut for violin, viola, and cello. Carefully selected for tone. (MSRP $3 per foot)

Ultralight, Ultracomfortable Cello Pad: I’ve been using these pads for years, and recommend them to tall cellists who want a little more room to extend their arms when they play, or anyone who has a rough and tumble playing style that may cause discomfort where the cello contacts the player’s chest. These are also great for “alt cellists” who enjoy standing when they play with a shoulder strap. The pads are hand-sewn using durable and ultralight materials, and can be made firmer or softer by changing the amount of of filling in the zipper compartment. Each pad is custom-sized and made to order by Hall Upholstery in Brooktondale, NY. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. (MSRP $75)