2020 Products

A. Hard Stainless Steel endpin tips. These fit industry-standard 10 mm or .5 inch endpin rods and dowels without needing to resize, drill, or lathe. (actual hole sizes are approximately 10.01 mm, .501 inch) Glue them on with a drop or two of super glue, remove by heating, which breaks the glue joint. These are very sharp, solid, and durable tips! Standard M10 thread. Also available with carbide inserts by special order. Shown here with Saddle Rider brand high grip, high durability black rubber balls with threaded Delrin inserts. Compatible with standard M10 threaded endpin tips by other manufacturers.

B. Cello Saddle Rider Tone Adjuster mount and Saddle Rider

C. Double Bass Saddle Rider Tone Adjuster mount and Saddle Rider

D. Violin and viola Saddle Rider assembly and 2 one-size-fits-all plugs

E. Adjustable and removable neck insert for violin and viola

F. One-size-fits-all cello endpin mount and plug

G. One-size-fits-all double bass endpin mount and plug

Available individually or in bulk, please email SaddleRiderLLC@gmail.com or call (607)592-6873 for pricing or other information