Reviews of Saddle Rider Products

“Your idea is genius and perfect timing … an elegant solution for trying out various relationships of string angle over the bridge (pressure) before going to heroic lengths, and making some fairly permanent and costly alterations.” Matthew Hunter, violist, Berliner Philharmoniker

“In my opinion, this product is stunningly well thought-out and engineered” David Burgess, master luthier, and first American to win the  “Stradivari” International Instrument Making Competition in Cremona, Italy

“I am pleased to be one of the first Saddle Rider customers for bass. The ability to have an on-the-go, tool-free tone adjustment is invaluable. I would say the tonal variation is on par with that of an adjustable neck, but without any major surgery required. The installation is simple and the Saddle Rider well made. Bravo!” —Theodore Chan, Double Bassist, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra

“You have a gift for mechanical design … Clever and novel!” Joseph Curtin, violinmaker, researcher, and MacArthur Fellow,

“John Haines-Eitzen has devised a system with his Saddle Riders that allows a musician to make immediate and impactful changes to their tone in the moment.  His design is simple, sleek, easy to install and use.  It’s a game changer for players in terms of making tonal adjustments in a safe and effective manner, and really empowers musicians to finely tweak their instrument to what the playing situation requires!” — Dylan Race, Luthier and founder of