Half Inch Bass Endpin Tip and Non-Slip Ball

This half inch bass tip combo package (MSRP $28 for the ball and tip combo, ball or tip separately for MSRP $16) is the same as above, but with a half inch tip. All of our endpin tip holes are oversized by approximately 1/1000th of an inch to allow for minor manufacturing variations by rod, tube, and dowel manufacturers. Our half-inch tips are popular among players who enjoy the resonance of wooden dowel endpins (Upton Bass recommends 8″ as the maximum recommended length for .5 inch wooden bass endpins), as well as carbon fiber and a variety of other materials. Metal tubes with resonance holes drilled in them are also becoming popular, and the half-inch diameter becoming an industry standard among double bass endpin manufacturers. We also offer custom made .5 inch cello endpin mounts for cellists who want to use half-inch diameter endpins made of wood or alternative materials. (10 mm is currently the “cello standard,” with lots of older instruments still using the more flexible 8 mm endpins — for wooden endpins, we recommend a minimum of half-inch diameter.)