Make a high-quality DIY endpin

Check out the video below for a quick and easy way to make high quality endpins for cello or bass using inexpensive, readily available materials. It also shows how to glue on Saddle Rider brand endpin tips. This method works for Titanium, Steel, Pultruded or Woven Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Brass, Fiberglass, and more. Each material makes an instrument sound and feel different — in many cases, as different as using a different bow! Purchase rods, dowels, and tubes from the same online sources as the makers of expensive commercial endpins, and make your own for a fraction of the price! This is a great way to affordably experiment with endpin lengths as well as materials in order to get the most out of your instrument.

And now, let’s try it out! The great American fiddle tune “Orange Blossom Special” using a Chinese Carbon Fiber rod from and Saddle Rider brand endpin tip. Audio is unprocessed and recorded with the internal mic of a Canon DSLR camera.