The Saddle Rider Tone and Playing Response Adjuster for violin, viola, cello, and double bass has recently received United Sates patent approval for the fulcrum “Saddle Rider” design, the L and T-nut mounting assemblies, as well as any integrated approach that builds these principles directly into a stringed instrument. International patents are pending, and the full documentation, including drawings and mechanical specifications, have recently been published here at the USPTO.

That said, we would be honored if luthiers of fine handmade instruments use our patented design in limited production instruments. If needed, we would be happy to provide custom-made bolts, fittings, and/or recommendations about the materials that work best in constructing adjustable saddles using the Saddle Rider principles. In the event that a luthier suggests an improvement to our design that we incorporate, we will be delighted, and will reciprocate by providing a free, fully functional, prototype of the improved design to the person who makes the suggestion.

Before using this design, we simply ask that you give us a “heads up” about what you are doing, and request that you reference the Saddle Rider brand on your website to help us generate business that will support the development of new products.

Thank you for your consideration!

Saddle Rider Music LLC