Saddle Rider Tone Adjuster for Violin and Viola

Our new version of the violin and viola Saddle Rider Tone Adjuster is made from high-strength, ultralight, aircraft aluminum, with an extremely tough satin black anodized finish. The assembly allows the downward force of an instrument’s strings on the bridge to be varied, changing the tone and playing response of the instrument in the same way as putting on a higher or lower bridge, but without changing the “action” (i.e. string height under the fingers.) The kit comes bundled with a Kevlar tailgut, Allen wrench adjusting tool, and jeweler’s installation screwdriver, as well as a one-side-fits-all black nylon endplug that can be reused and easily cut to size for any violin or viola. The simple installation procedure requires no special tools or skills (although, in most cases, we do recommend that a luthier does the installation.) MSRP: $95.