Tone Adjusting Wolf Eliminators

Our current Tone Adjusting Wolf Note Suppressor offers an improvement to other 5 gram models on the market via our special stainless steel blend that we feel offers a more ringing and even tone quality. It’s remarkable how these little button-style “wolf eliminators” can adjust an cello’s tone for the better, even if the instrument doesn’t have a wolf! They are easily moved and secured in different locations (for different tone colors, and to moderate wolf notes on different pitches) by reaching down with one hand during a concert or practice session. (MSRP $16)

We have also recently received a provisional patent for an interesting new design, so check back in December 2020 to see next year’s models! They will be offered in kits (MSRP $38 for 2 wolf eliminators with 4 tonal settings, or MSRP $55 for 3 wolf eliminators with 9 tonal settings). We will continue to offer our less expensive basic 5 gram model while supplies last.