Stringed Instrument Innovations

Custom designs to customer specifications using 3D printing, CNC, injection molding, and hand machining — affordable prototypes, limited runs, or mass production. Free CAD design, as well as manufacturing and patent consultations, for clients. For more information, contact:

Available materials: Hewlett Packard MultiJet Fusion nylon 12 and nylon 11 (high performance bio-print from castor oil), titanium, custom-tooled carbide, brass, stainless steel (300 series, CNC or high-resolution 3D prints), aluminum (6000 series as well as 2024 and 7075 “Aircraft” aluminum grades with various anodizations), brass, bronze, and sterling silver, gold-plating, lost wax casting, Delrin, carbon fiber, natural and synthetic rubbers, and more. Low-priced, low minimum quantity production runs. Affordable prototypes and sample runs in small quantities.

New Replacement Endpin Tips: Rejuvenate old endpins with our sharp stainless steel tips and non-slip screw-on rubber ball endpin tips! Email for bulk educational discounts and wholesale prices. Available in 10 mm, 1/2 inch, or custom hole diameters. This is a 5 minute repair: Cut off the old tip with an inexpensive hacksaw and press on new tip with a drop or two of super glue for a rock-solid fit.

In “All About Endpins” Check out this video to learn how to make high quality, great sounding, and inexpensive endpins using readily available Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel rods or tubes.

Saddle Rider LLC also features our patented Tone Adjusters for violin, viola, cello and double bass:

Cello adjuster above, violin and viola adjuster below. Also available for double bass. Pictured above with optional New Harmony adjustable tailgut.