All About Endpins — Overview

Endpins are a big topic:  Pultruded carbon fiber, woven carbon fiber, stainless steel, chrome-plated carbon steel, fiberglass, wood, titanium, aluminum, 8 mm, 10 mm, half-inch, solid rod, or tubes, angled, straight, adjustable, or not, and the list goes on…. And then, of course, there are baroque cellists who use no endpin at all!  The choices can be overwhelming, but changing endpins can be a great way to improve the sound of an instrument for curious players willing to take the time to experiment.

After years of trying dozens of endpin materials and designs, I’ve developed some clear preferences, but also recognize that each instrument, player, and hall are different.  The endpin that sounds and functions the best in one set of circumstances may not work well in another.  Below are links for players and luthiers who are interested in learning more about endpins and resources for making inexpensive and great sound endpins out of a variety of materials.

History of the endpin

Popular endpin materials

How to make professional quality DIY endpins

High-end commercial cello endpin reviews

Endpin rod and tube suppliers

Retail and wholesale endpin manufacturers and distributors